Business strategy

  • Why monotasking is the new black

    Forget multitasking – we need to narrow our focus to become more efficient and stay mentally fit, according to brain expert Dr. Jenny Brockis

  • Social Media 2.0?

    We’re all familiar with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. But, asks Maggie Crowley, where does social media go from here?

  • Client communication: digital vs analogue

    As blogs, newsletters and videos become normal modes of client communication, insurance professionals are heading into a brave new world of digitization

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    The single most common mistake occurs when managers view the business in the wrong way, says one global leadership expert

  • iCommunication: The way forward for organizations

    Georgia Murch explains how, by ditching annual performance reviews, organizations can finally press their foot firmly on the accelerator – and achieve progress

  • Convincing the brand detectives

    New research highlights the high value jobseekers ascribe to company brand. How can your business’ brand impress candidates? An insurance professional shares her experience

  • The power of giving

    The act of giving is now expected of most businesses, explains John Sikkema, and you won’t just be helping people in need – your staff will feel great about it too

  • Is a high-trust culture possible?

    Instead of having high-trust cultures, too many organisations struggle with fear-based cultures. Stuart Taylor outlines how to turn the situation around

  • Why branding strategies fail

    Far too often a company’s shiny new branding strategy fails to live up to hopes and expectations. Jean-Luc Ambrosi explains the common reasons for failure, and what companies can do to get their branding strategies right

  • Getting inside our heads

    Taking your team to the next level means understanding yourself. Jill Fraser reports